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Air Pong Table

The Portable, Inflatable Beer Pong Table

The Air Pong Table is the highest quality inflatable beer pong table on the market. It is the only inflatable raft which provides an authentic game of beer pong. Play beer pong whenever and wherever! Float the table in the pool, use it in your dorm, on the beach, at a tailgate, or anywhere else you can think of. Just inflate it and you're good to go. This table includes 2 high-quality cup racks to ensure quality game play and a perfect rack, every time. No longer will you have to worry about spilling or knocking over your cups. We are proud to have developed the most versatile floating table in the world. Whether you call the game Beer Pong, Beirut, BP, or life, one thing is for sure, Air Pong is the greatest way to play it. Beware of all of the impostors, ours is the only table that comes with a 1 year warranty! We guarantee this product for the entire first year of use, and will replace it for FREE if anything happens! Rest assured, you are in great hands when you purchase from Skip's Garage!

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GoPong Pool Lounge

GoPong Pool Lounge Beer Pong Inflatable with Social Floating

Go Pong's Pool Pong Lounge is a premium 6ft floating beer pong table with built in cup holders for Social Floating. This product is essentially a version of our popular Party Barge, but without the built-in cooler. The 6ft x 3ft table includes 10 cup triangles on each end for full size pool pong play. Each side of the raft is also lined with 4 cup holders for social floating, so you and your friends can float and socialize around the table between pong games. The Pool Lounge can also be used as a floating tanning lounge if you're ever able to get it all to yourself. The Pool Lounge includes 3 pong balls (cups not included) and is retail packaged. This is a must have for spring break, summer pool parties, or lake boating. Manufacturer's Note: We inflation test and quality check all rafts before they are packaged, but rarely a bad unit will still slip through. If this happens, we will immediately send a replacement or issue a refund as customer service is our top priority.

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GoPong Pool Pong Rack

GoPong Pool Pong Rack Floating Beer Pong Set

Take your beer pong game into the water with the pool pong racks. The pool pong rack game consists of 2 floating islands with room for 6 cups each and have extra-high sidewalls to prevent cannonball sized waves from ruining your game. Provides a much more affordable alternative to the other floating tables out on the market. Design is also compatible with freezable racks to keep your beer cold under the sun. Can also be used as a floating drink holder when not being used for a game.

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