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Cornhole is for everyone, not just sports’ fans. we make custom boards for corporations, cornhole fans, wedding gifts, sports’ fans, etc.

Cornhole is a growing game that is great for just about every gathering, such as parties, BBQs, holidays, and other events. We can add custom graphics, colors, logos and more for all occasions.

Ordering Guide:
1. Use the examples below to get an idea of the custom work you want to order.
2. Keep note of the one that most resembles what you want.
3. Use the name of the example you like when buying a cornhole board and provide us with color names and images. (Go to color guide)
4. We'll send you a proof for you to approve before we make the boards.

1 - Hole Accent

Hole Accent

Hole accent, Stripe Around Hole, Choose Color.

2 - Text
Type 1

Text Type 1

Basic lettering. One Color. Same on both boards. Text is placed on one surface: the front, side or back.

3 - Text
Type 2

Text Type 2

Basic lettering. One Color. Text is placed on two surfaces: the front, side, back or hole accent.

4 - Text
Type 3

Text Type 3

Advanced lettering. Two Colors. Text is placed on two surfaces: the front, side, back or hole accent.

5 - Graphic type 1

Graphic Type 1

Single color graphic up to 14in x 14in in size

6 - Graphic Type 2

Graphic Type 2

Single color up to 20in x 20in in size or two colors up to 16in x 16in in size

7 - Graphic type 3

Graphic Type 3

Full color up to 20in x 20in in size, no cut-outs or option of hole accent.

8 - Stripe


2 color vertical stripe. Choose your colors.

9 - Stripe Combo

Stripe Combo

2 color vertical stripe with full color image or logo inside the stripe.

10 - Triangle


2 color triangle. Choose your colors.

11 - Triangle Combo

Triangle Combo

2 color triangle with full color image or logo inside. Choose your colors.

12 - Border & Hole

Border & Hole

Border and Hole Accents, can be 1 color or 2 colors.

13 - border & Hole Combo

Border & Hole Combo

Border and Hole Accents, can be 1 or 2 colors. 1 color or full color logo image at around 16in x 16in

14 - Full Board

Full Board

Full color board, you can choose color of accents and add images and logos.


Color Guide

Standard Colors


Advanced Color Picker


Professional Sports Team Colors

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