Bag Toss Tailgate Set

Bag Toss Tailgate Set
Bag Toss Tailgate Set Bag Toss Tailgate Set Bag Toss Tailgate Set Bag Toss Tailgate Set Bag Toss Tailgate Set Bag Toss Tailgate Set Bag Toss Tailgate Set Bag Toss Tailgate Set Bag Toss Tailgate Set
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Tailgate Size High-Quality Cornhole Boards

Newly designed!! This Tailgate Cornhole Board Set is 3ft long and 2ft wide. It is perfect for players who want to play with almost the same feel of a regulation size board, and yet in need of an easy to transport and more economical board. Our boards have been engineered for maximum amount of fun and performance. Our Tailgate Bag Toss set is the perfect combination between almost playing a regulation size board with ease of transportation and price.

Main Features Include:

  • Made in USA with imported Baltic Birch plywood. Everything is done at our shop in San Diego, California
  • Cornhole set includes 2 wooden boards (bags are now optional)
  • Perfect for tailgaters, campsites, backyard BBQs, and more.
  • Made from high-quality marine-grade 100% real Baltic birch plywood.
  • Coated inside and outside.
  • Easy to transport with the Easy Grab carrying handles and tote bag.
  • Optional bags are weather resistant. If they get dirty, you can hand wash them with warm water and soap. The have plastic resin pellets that never rot.
  • Optional bags are exceptional value as an add-on. The resin pellets will not attract bugs or animals, and feel better than corn.
  • Available as Bag Toss Classic or Bag Toss 2 with the 5pt slot.

Custom Design Options

All of our boards can be customized with designs, logos and text. At this point, you want to choose the board type and add it to the cart. Next, you will go to our custom options page and add custom options.

Learn More Here About Custom Options

Armor Coat Upgrade

When you add the Armor Coat Upgrade, we add more coats to the inside and front of the boards. The Plus upgrade adds one additional coat to the inside surfaces and one to the outside surfaces. The Premium is the same as Plus but with an added coat to the outside surfaces. If you add the Plus to a standard package board, the boards with be medium gloss on the surface with a little bit of texture still present. Adding it to the Pro package will make it very glossy and will help to add a barrier along the edges. The Premium just goes one step beyond this and will result in a high gloss finish for both the Pro and Standard package. The more glossy a board is the faster it will play i.e. bag slide will be increased. Once the bags start to break in, the bag slide is reduced. In short, brand new bags on a Plus glossy surface will be very fast and may take a few games for the slide to slow down.

Game Type

Bag Toss 2 (BT2) is unique because it has a hole and a slot, whereas Bag Toss Classic (CLA) just has a hole. A bag on the BT2 Board is worth 1pt, a bag in the hole is worth 3pts and a bag in the slot is worth 5pts. Most people who have played this game for years will prefer the classic version without having tried the BT2 version, but we have found that most people who play with the slot, love the slot.

Learn More Here About Game Type

Board Finish (stain color)

Our Bag Toss Boards come in either a Natural Blonde (BLD), Heritage (HER) or Rebel (REB) finish. A Blonde finish is a lightly tinted clear coat over the bare wood. The Heritage and Rebel finishes involve staining the wood, then applying clear coats. All three finishes are amazing to look at and are very durable.

Learn More Here About Board Finish

Bag Color and Type

Learn More Here About Bag Colors and Type

Board Length

The 4ft x 2ft boards are commonly referred to as "Regulation" as they are most common in tournament play. We refer to them as Long Boards. The tailgate size is just as fun at 3ft x 2ft but it has 1ft less length which means easier transportation. It also is a little more difficult to land a bag on the board and for that reason is usually played at 25ft from front edge to front edge. Both sizes are very common, it's just a matter of preference.

Board Size 36" by 24"

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